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Client: Weerd
Weerd brings boogie, funk, disco, house and soulful grooves to Ekko Utrecht.

For their first edition I designed a logo and artwork. Combining clear type with the analogue feel of a paper collage.

For me, starting an analogue collage takes some time. Getting the paper out, prepping pieces by gluing colours together before cutting them.
And then the shifting and switching shapes around starts. After a while pieces seem to click together, but it’s not really something I can sketch out or think of beforehand.

When the composition is well balanced and interesting I’ll glue everything together.

Scanning at high resolution shows you small surprises like leftover glue, shadows of the slight difference in height between two pieces of paper. I like how these tiny things are a gift of working traditionally instead of making the compositions digitally.

When the collage is finished and scanned in I add the logo and type. In this case it was about keeping the placement of the text playful and dynamic but at the same time keeping the balance of the artwork intact.

The last part of the process is playing around with colour and different combinations. 

All the works © Floor Rehbach. All rights reserved