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Client: Van de Koe
Food & Packaging

Van de Koe noticed the Dutch landscape changing: bird sounds disappearing, fewer insects and endless patches of plain grass. That’s why they exclusively work together with farmers that attribute to a more diverse landscape, with a special attention for the condition of their soil, insects, grassland birds and ofcourse, the cows! Van de Koe creates tasty products made with dairy from these farmers and I had the pleasur to create the packaging for these products.

sage lemon

rosemary seasalt

chili cilantro


A paper sleeve wraps all around this butter cup. This way there is plenty of space on the top and the sides of the packaging to show of the combinations of ingredients that give each butter their flavour. On the bottom of the sleeve you can find all the ingredients, nutrional values and additional information.

Colorful and filled shapes make up this illustrated packaging, popping out of the refridgerated section in the supermarket!


The designs of these tiny round papers are based on the sleeves of the butter cups. When served in a restaurant they’re placed on top of a slice of butter. This way the customer will find their bread topping accompanied with all the information they need.


wild garlic sorrel

black garlic

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