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Client: SWOP Club
(2018 & 2020)
SWOP is a crowdfunded initiative that focusses on sustainability and artists. You can rent puzzles with different designs instead of buying new ones. This way you get to make more puzzles and they won’t be catching dust in your cabinet afterwards.

I created two illustrations for them, which they turned into 500 puzzle pieces.


The first edition featured the jungle puzzle. This illustration was made with gouache and colored pencil, layering different textures and patterns. Keeping in mind this would be turned into a puzzle, I had to keep the large amount of greenery interesting as well as diverse.

Besides the proportions there were not much restrictions to this illustration, so I had room to put in lots of animals and plants. Some in plain sight, some a bit better hidden.

You can download this illustration as a free coloring page here


My contribution to the second round of puzzles features this man and parrots! This digital illustration is based of a collage I made before, resulting in a bit of a surrealistic scene. 

All the works © Floor Rehbach. All rights reserved