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De kneedbare stad or "mouldable city", a place where due to ongoing construction an ever-changing cityscape surrounds us.
We are only inhabitants or passers-by so developments steadily pass us. To give this a moment's thought I bring the changes,
details and options into view (2016)

1. an interactive city where people are able to build alongside each other using prefabricated wooden blocks.
Making them aware of already existing buildings, the boundaries of the area and forces such as gravity.

2. a collection of several elements found in buildings, showing the overwhelming amount of options when building a house.

3. an interactive animation where people are able to move horizontally through the city using a joystick. This element shows a place where
buildings aren't limited by the material they're supposedly made of, giving the viewer an option to look at buildings as non static objects.

All the works © Floor Rehbach. All rights reserved